About eCOMically

eCOMically's mission is to help ecommerce businesses to manage their cashflows and inventories at every stage of their ecommerce operations and to give one click solutions for easy dashboards and reports against comprehensive reports of e-commerce marketplaces.

eCOMically's is India's first e-commerce focused data analytics SaaS technology platform.

It provides e-commerce analysis for various e-commerce marketplaces, order management systems, etc...

The analytical tools of eCOMically are designed to find the loopholes in payments and inventories in the business transactions and its operations.

The operational tools of eCOMically are designed to get easy reports on a click of upload of user unfriendly reports and data dump of e-commerce marketplaces which are beyond understanding of e-commerce sellers.

eCOMically resolves e-commerce seller's issues of not finding out their profits & losses, cashflow's loopholes, how to bid and make maximum of advertisement spends, inventory losses and many more things.